ASU Mailers

Mail pieces sent to current and perspective ASU students.

The goal of each piece was to demonstrate through design that CTI was a different type of college. I wanted to create a style that was approachable to our target audience and “real”. This led to the use of uncoated paper, the use of real students, and innovative packaging.

1. Some not-so-little advice from Becca Little:
This piece was designed with 3 perforated postcards, giving advice for the prospective students about the freshman experience. Students receiving the mailer would be able to pass along postcards to friends to encourage them to consider ASU. The mailer included a call-to-action, through which prospective students could fill out the last postcard and receive a free stack of business cards for themselves to help better their professional networking while in school.

2. Fly-In:
In the spring of 2013, CTI introduced the first fly-in experience for it’s highest achieving admitted students. The Fly-in was designed to give these students a glimpse of what life was really like at CTI with a 24hr, all expenses paid visit to campus. I designed this piece to look like a boarding pass and to remind the students of Willy Wonka’s “golden ticket”. The boarding pass came with a letter from the dean to ensure that prospective students knew that the offer was real.

3.Explore Engineering:
This mailer was designed with 3 perforated cards so that the prospective student could invite their friends to attend an ASU college career day in California. This design concept helped lead to one of the best attended ASU programs at the ASU Santa Monica Center.